So today after school was over I got to work on the kids’ costumes. I don’t have a special sewing room/area, so I use or fold out school/laundry folding table when I have a sewing project to complete. Kind of a pain, but it will have to do until my mansion is completed 🙂

dress in the works

Today I finished Little Red Riding Hood’s dress for my 11 year old daughter. Next to the dress is the red fabric that is the cape-to-be.

Red’s dress

Now to customize the witch costume from a few years ago for the 4 year old.

Witch costume

If I remember right, this one is about a size 7, so I need to take it in a little bit. Then all I have left is a godzilla costume for the 2 year old, and a king’s costume for the…ahem…15 year old! (One of them anyway, his twin brother has decided he is a bit too mature for Trick or Treat this year.)