These are all links to free places on the internet where you can get lesson plans, worksheets, and ideas to go along with incubating and hatching your own eggs.

U of N, Embryology's Live Egg Cam

U of N, Embryology’s Live Egg Cam

Enchanted Learning
A chart showing (cartoony) daily development of the chick inside the egg. Also nice worksheets to label the parts, as well as a glossary of terms.
*Between the ads at the very top of the page, and the title for this page “Egg and Embryo Development”, there are a total of 4 links about chickens on this page.

University of Nebraska’s Site for Embryology
Super nice website put on by Nebraska extension. Egg hatch cams, candling photos and videos, incubation how-to’s, etc. I was really impressed with how nice this was put together.

Embryology is a fellow wordpress blog that has the links to 4H Embryology Curriculum workbooks free to download. (These workbooks are no longer available from 4H so this is a great find!)

Science Net Links
Nice lesson plan, with some printables. Seems to be geared toward the younger kids, like PreK-1.

Chicken Life Cycle Teaching Resources
Lots of cool looking ideas to browse through for hatching related school projects, though they all appear to be for a fee of around $7.00.