I candled the 52 eggs I set last week and wanted to take pictures to show everyone. My camera, however, is AWOL. I’m not even going to bother putting the crappy pictures on here that I took with my phone. Instead I’m posting a link to the Backyard Chickens forum that has an INCREDIBLE thread with amazing day by day pictures of what you’ll be looking for when you candle. (While you’re there, look around. These are some of the nicest, most helpful chicken peeps around.)

Egg Candling Pictures: Progression through Incubation

Egg Candling Picture from BYC, the dark circle in the center is the eye

So the update is, out of the 52 eggs I set, 48 are viable growing chicks. I’m pretty pleased. These are set to hatch for Valentine’s Day.

Also, here is a pretty sweet clip (not mine) of a moving embryo. When I candled eggs the other day my middle son was able to view this and was so excited.

Coming soon will be a post for science activities about incubation and hatching eggs, perfect for homeschool, 4-H, etc.